10:15 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Political drama costs absorbed by Govt employees, again
    Honest Broker
    I was around for the last Govt shutdown, but we were eventually paid back. I don't think this group of politicians plan to be so kind. I heard a lot about contractors not getting paid, but by Sept 30th they have all been plused up year end expiring funds which usually carries them through the 1st quarter. What I find pathetic is that POGO.ORG continually finds the Govt gets gouged a minimum of 1.83 times more for contract services versus hiring these people as Govt employees. This figure includes all the costs, so it just points to the greed of the politicians holds no bounds even when the country is running in the red. I wonder how much income loss Govt employees will have to absorb on this latest political drama fiasco?
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