2:57 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Where is the IG ... Ineed to make a report!
    Mike: Is there an Inspector General's Office that investigates fraud and abuse perpetrated by the U.S. Congress? Alternatively, can't SOMEONE (Hello Federal Unions!!!) sue Ted Cruise for abuse of power and fraud and embezzlement for personally wasting 21 hours on the floor "filibustering?" He rambled for 21 hours just to waste valuable time (abuse of power), and read "Green Eggs and Ham" for Pete's sake, which is not relevant to completing ANY official business at all, and he took a paycheck for it from the American taxpayers (fraud, embezzlement). And, while we are at it, sue the Speaker for dereliction of duties for NOT putting a stop to it. Mr. Boehner's position description HAS to require him to maintain ethical, professional conduct on the floor. These Congressmen are not above the law when they abuse their positions, right? The American taxpayer would not stand for me to go to work and read "Green Eggs and Ham instead of getting ANY work done over the course of 21 hours AND take a paycheck for it! Colleagues call the IG when they see this type of fraud going on. Who investigates the Congress? As for the idea that we need a third party--THAT IS WHAT 90% of the PROBLEM is right now! The Tea Party Candidates that got in don't work FOR progress, they Stand up to STOP all progress at every turn. At least the other 2 parties knew how to compromise and work together (until of course the Republican party opted to be sticks in the mud when they lost the Presidency.) Funny how the Republicans ran up this debt with 8 years of a Fake MMD war under Bush and now they want to be children demanding their way and being immovable if they don't, to control the purse strings now. Where was their outrage over putting wars on a credit card? Where was their concern for "the next generation holding this debt" then? But I digress .... An Ethics Committee or an IG office needs to hold these bafoon's accountable for GROSS MISMANAGEMENT, FRAUD, ABUSE OF POWER, and EMBEZZLEMENT for taking a paycheck to do NOTHING! I challenge the unions to bring the lawsuit on behalf of the Nation too!
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  • Correction
    I assume you're referring to Senator Ted Cruz? House Speaker John Boehner does not control the business in the US Senate. Since our gov't is currently run by two parties I think there's plenty of blame to go around. Not sure where Mike stands on the issue, but I appreciate the fact that he maintains a neutral position. If the gov't shuts down at midnight then both parties are to blame.
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  • Yes, Both Parties
    Both parties share in this melodrama. Members of Congress have immunity from prosecution, or civil suits for statements in congress. Looks like Cruz is trying an Obama -- use a short senate career to launch himself into the presidency. If, one listened to more than Dr. Seuss, you'd know the man is a good orator -- better than Obama. If, you're old enough to remember real Senate stem winders, you'd remember them reading from the Bible and comic books just to keep talking.
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