10:23 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Me too...
    Remember When
    Hi Mike, although female, I'm one of those graybreads too and I have survived a lot as a long time fed. The last time we were sent home, I went to a temp agency and worked the entire week plus at $10 a hour doing data entry. While a mind numbing job with little pay, it was better than sitting around worrying about how I'd eat and pay the bills with an invisible paycheck. For me, it turned out okay because we got paid when they brought us back, so my "part time" stint was like a welcome bonus. Back then, I was pretty low on the totem pole and chose to be proactive. I'm married with kids now so not sure I would be able to do go that route again, but who knows. We can't control congress or their actions, but we can still control our own destiny (if only a little).
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  • It was a very stressful time
    No one knew how long it would last. It dragged on much longer than it needed to. Fortunately the Navy base where I worked closed over the holidays and I had already planned on not being at work for much of the furlough. The biggest failure was that Congress had to pass separate legislation to get people paid and some agencies had trouble correcting their people's pay. I recall some people having to wait until March to get the pay they lost. Also, since I had preapproved leave, I never got the leave back for the time off.
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  • scheduled leave
    Sue from the IRS
    Good thing to know about losing scheduled leave when there is a shutdown. I will have to wait to schedule the rest of my use or lose until after Congress goes through its temper tantrum. Hopefully it doesn't last too long. I am not optimistic about Federal Employees getting paid for any shutdown days at this point due to the general attitude of the Tea Party members and others who refuse to defy those nuts.
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  • Greybeards
    When we had the infamous 94-95 furlough/snow closing I already had 32 years service as a fed. I was very distressed and depressed during the furlough and never forgot when the Republican Senate Majority leader announced that "Well, we sent another bill to President Clinton, but he's not going to sign this one either." Here I am, basically out of work with 7 kids to support, a mortgage to pay, etc., and this idiot seemed to be proud of not being able to get a bill past the President.] Congress' job is to pass bills that the president will sign, not bills that the president won't sign (like the current House who voted 41 times--so far-- to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Sheesh. Gimme a break. I get scolded at work when I don't do my job.
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  • you're kidding right?
    Congress should only pass bills that the president will sign? Maybe we should get rid of Congress and the Supreme Court and just let the president do what he wants.
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