1:47 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • 4th quarter spending is now standard
    Large contracts require 4 months advertising, then a month or two of bid evaluation before selection and final negotiation. Add to this the fact that no one knew how much money they were going to have this year until late in the second quarter, and there is little choice but to award any contract of substance until 4th quarter. Unless they can get a budget in on time, 4th quarter spending is the only option left. Often times less costly projects are held up until the big ones are awarded, just in case there is a bid bust and they need more money. Most of the time, the end of last week of September is for awarding projects that otherwise would have to be pushed back until next year for lack of funding, not for lack of need. This year has no shortage of important projects that didn't get funded. As for Coburn's data request, most agencies won't even have the information he is asking for until Oct. 31, so I am not sure how he expects to get it all the very next day.
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