11:50 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Have we already forgotten about Oklahoma City?
    Personally, I consider the Oklahoma City bombing is the point where it became fair game to target federal workers. I am sure there would lesser incidents in the past, but that was by far the worst domestic attack on government workers. 9/11 or an attack from the outside, but Oklahoma was an attack by a US citizen. Then of course there was the plane that was flown into the IRS office building in Texas, and the shooting at the Navy Yard. Of course these are just the big flashy events that get a lot of press. I know there are lots of smaller incidents that happen on a more regular basis. Some of them, like the Navy Yard shooting are relatively random and unpredictable, others I consider the fault of elected officials that think it is okay to throw federal workers under the bus to forward their political careers. You don't blame the people that make cigarettes or guns for the deaths those products cause, why blame federal workers for the money Congress wastes? We don't have decision making authority.
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  • Depends
    This is an excellent contribution/article. I guess it depends on which part of the government you work for if one expects to be a target or not. There are many groups that have anything that stands for the US in their sights which would include federal workers. For example, one who works for DoD might be a little more prepared than one that works for the US Engraving Office. The DoD kills the bad guys and breaks their stuff - certainly the bad guys want to do the same to them. Yet all those who live in the US, not just federal workers, are seen by some of our adversaries as all part of the problem, so the general population ought to also keep the advice in this article in mind.
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