8:17 am, May 26, 2015

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  • This should be good
    Nothing says good decision making like ultimatums and arbitrary deadlines. They are talking about revamping half the government's accounting systems within a year with no certainty of funding for the effort, just so they can further micro manage the defense department. This should be amusing.
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  • Agree - Too many in the decision making process that have conflicts of interest
    Honest Broker
    There are too many conflicts in the money chain for starters, so decisions get made before we in the acquisition level even see the job. Tell you the truth, I would rather buy computers on an as needed basis. You put the requirement out for bid, the best offer sends the test shop a couple samples, gets approved, then delivery of the needed machines. These mega-contracts take forever, and then the machines are dated and cost more than if I just ordered off Amazon. Unfortunately an order on an as-needed basis does not guarantee the politicians that a campaign contributor will get the job. As for the software to run on that machine, we must outsource that so it has to get reinvented because that makes more money for the contractor than if the Govt shop pieces it together. If the politicians really wanted to make a difference, they would force more Govt programmers, engineers and scientists to do the actual design and programming so they would have a better idea of what could be reused or better to buy a tool off the market. Election season is just around the corner with all those funding drives, so doubt if this bill results in any necessary changes.
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