3:25 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • How about addressing the cost of outsourcing versus insourcing services?
    Honest Broker
    Wish we could take Capitol Hill out of the loop of deciding whether its more beneficial to insource or outsource work. POGO.ORG continues to point out at least a 1.83 more expensive cost plus we are seeing security being compromised for the sake of making money. Joe Public has been told that they will lose their contract job, but if its important I say just roll them into the Govt and save a few bucks. Unfortuantely a portion of that 1.83 markup goes to Capitol Hill along with a retire job for the military commander pointing the money to the right contract shop and then the supervisor of that shop gets a retirement job. Its a good idea to address fraudulent payments, but how about some of these other costly issues?
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