4:37 am, May 22, 2015

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  • How about removing retirement job bribes?
    Honest Broker
    This was a blantant bribe, but there is another one that is perfectly legal for those in priveleged positions. Over the last 2 decades since the politicians relaxed the conflict of interest laws with retiring military and civilians, I have seen a parade of supervisory and senior officers going to directly work for my command's prime contractors. The military control which command gets the contract work, and then the supervisors in the command using the contractor get to determine who gets a promotion or bonus for throwing them as much work as possible or looking the other way. We have adopted this cost plus fixed fee contract model, so now these retiring senior Govt officials are submitted as consultants requiring extra pay which to equates to nothing more than tit-for-tat or bribe. Because these contractors contribute so much to the politicians, Capitol Hill keeps perpetuating the problem. I suggest we go for an across the board recall election. Unfortunately Joe Public works for the contractors or sympathizes with them, but they should recognize they could lose their jobs just because their competitor paid off a Govt person with a retirement job. Do they really want the system to work this way?
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