6:04 am, May 25, 2015

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  • This is progress?
    I was better off in 2008. They keep telling me things are better because the stock market is up, juiced with super low interest rates and Fed buying bonds. Yet, go try to get a decent job, good luck. While some people like surgeons make $700K per year and programmers make $250K, rank and file are getting pay cuts and cost increases. How this gets spun as good times is beyond me.
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  • Your salary ranges must be referencing Private Sector...
    Federal employee here.. I've worked in Information Technology as a programmer since 1989 and make *no where near* $250K. I've never known of any programmer working for the gov't that earned $250K yearly. I'd say your figures off by, oh...at least $175K if not more. Jeez, I wish!
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  • Better Off?
    If you heard POTUS speak today then you'd think you're much better off than 2008. Maybe some people are. I sure would like to know who. When is someone going to actually speak the truth? The only reason the unemployment rate is coming down is because people quit looking for work and are no longer counted. As for us feds when the 2014 FEHBP rates are released in the next few days we'll all see how much better off we are. I wonder if this will be the year we see that $2500 premium savings?
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  • Quoting the maximum payout is silly
    No one that is elligible for a max payout is at any risk from a RIF. If you have that many years in, then they would have to get rid of your entire department before they fire you. Standard payment is one week of high three pay for every year you worked for the government. Most of the people that will be going out the door have less than 5 years in and don't make that much as is. It is always the youngest and lowest grade people that go first. This is especially the case when there are no solid guidelines as to what they want to get rid of. It is also fun for those that stay because they get to enjoy another round of furloughs and they get all the work from the people that are gone dumped on their desks. I have seen several RIFs and they are never done correctly, and things always get worse afterwards.
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  • Soooooooooo glad I'm retired. Going on 6 years. They always abused us.
    The Original Joe S
    Chewed us up and spit us out. Stole our own money from us with the 1/30th deduction nonsense and if your heirs don't know that there's a pot of after-tax money being held without interest by the dirtbags, they STEAL it. Performance ratings were always a popularity contest. I can't remember one accurate, by-the-rules one I ever got in 30 years. Many times they asked us to back-date the prospective standards after a year. One toad proffered this standard: "performs more than 100% of his tasks in an exemplary manner." DUH! This was the boss. Pointy-headed, if I recall. Keep sending that check every 1st of the month. I enjoy it.
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