2:23 am, May 29, 2015

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  • So how many millions are we going to spend trying to verify whether these are valid claims or not?
    Coburn seems very willing to spend any amount of money to chase down the smallest things. In this case, it seems many of these are likely people trying to get back to work, and so not really a problem. Perhaps if the evaluation had been a bit more detailed, we might know. I am not sure quite how it works for SS, but with veterans disability, they can accept some disablity and still work. It usually involves some sort of disabling injury that reduces your ability to work in some way. If you can get a job that requires little physical strength or has facilities for the blind or deaf or whatever, then you are allowed to work, to whatever degree you are able and still get some disability payments. There is often disagreement on the percentage disability that determines how much you get. Also, how often can a person attempt to go back to work? A few months at a time seems like it may account for many thousands out of a program with several million people in it. Perhaps the primary problem here is the lag between notifying them of your changed status and them recording it in the computer.
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