8:24 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • My view
    "Concern that the government is falling behind in attracting younger workers have long dogged federal hiring efforts. But the data points to a more promising sign. More than 42 percent of new hires in fiscal 2012 were under the age of 35, while that same age-cohort makes up a little less than 18 percent of the total federal workforce. New hires with higher levels of education are also coming to the government. According to the data, 18.6 percent of federal hires in 2012 had an advanced degree — a masters or doctorate degree — compared to 15.9 percent of workers in the total federal workforce with such degrees. However, the data show mixed results on Obama administration efforts to increase the hiring of minorities and veterans" I don't have a degree but I do have 28 years work experience, which obviously these days doesn't make a difference. I've worked with new hires with degrees, many have little to no work ethic, no common sense and lack computer savvy. I've noticed more and more employers are demanding degrees and denying jobs to those who are 50+, I am one of them. I have applied to 40+ entry level office jobs in my area and all I get are rejection letters, it wouldn't be prudent for me to go get a degree at my age. Why spend $100k+ to go to college, graduate in my late 50's then be in debt to only make $30k+ a year or end up working in a restaurant or walmart. There are too many with degrees as it is that can't find jobs, two jobs I looked into surprised me. One was for a full time file clerk, when I called they demanded a Bachelors Degree but only paying $10 an hour. Another job for a full time receptionist position demanding a degree, starting salary $21,000 a year. Employers want degrees but not pay the salary to adjust for having a degree, it would be better to go work retail and make more money.
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  • If you think last year was bad, just wait until this years numbers come in
    We had very high retirement numbers last Dec/Jan. This year, after retirees get full credit for unused sick leave they will likely have even more retire. I know they are lining up in my office. Top that off with a Navy wide, (possibly DoD wide) hiring freeze since January. Other agencies have laid off contract workers and severely reduced hiring as well. The hiring restrictions are expected to last well beyond the end of the calendar year. We are filling most of our critical vacancies on a temporary basis at the moment, rotating people through in 120 day increments. Between this and the pay freezes and furloughs and other threats to feds, I wouldn't be surprised to see the drop off doubling in 2013. With RIFs planned, I will likely continue to climb into 2014 as well.
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  • What Hiring??
    Here we have had a Hiring freeze? Jobs get posted but get canceled at the last minute (guess they need to keep those people in Personel busy.. hey here's a thought.. lay them off!) Those that do manage to not get canceled are for much higher grades that really aren't needed.. How many analysts does Gov't need?? Need more Tax Examiners, Revenue Officers, Revenue Agents, Tax Compliance Officers that actually bring the money in!
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