12:56 am, May 30, 2015

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  • I would have to agree with Connolly
    No successful business would jerk around employees the way Congress is doing with Federal employees. They have cut back hours, held off pay raises, cut training to the bone, and eliminated almost all retention and recruitment bonuses for hard to fill jobs with very high skill requirements. As a result, turnover is insanely high, evey more than the usualy very high levels. Workers are not getting the training they need to do their jobs. Office buildings are not being properly maintained. Funding for major projects is being held up until the last minute. Contractors don't know what to plan for when they have no clue whether projects they have been working on will continue to be funded or not, year after year. Program managers can't plan either when you don't know how much money the program will get from one year to the next. DoD plans programs 5 years in advance. Every time projects get pushed back, it effects funding for other projects years into the future. Then you have Congressional aids coming to your office every week asking about money that was supposed to go to their district or state that has been pushed back or cut out all together. Then a cascade of other bad things start to happen.
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  • American business too dependent on tax dollars? Outsourcing killed fallback plans.
    Honest Broker
    Before 9-11, Americans were starting to feel the pinch from all the jobs going overseas. After the attack, the politicians and the military industrial complex smelled opportunity to not only get rich but also distract the American public from the problems caused by outsourcing. Well here we are 10 years later with a few people richer, the country a lot poorer and even less commercial jobs and industry for DOD contracted personnel to fall back on. I even hear the politicians pushing for more Green Cards citing a couple success stories of foreigners starting companies in the USA. For the amount we spend on outsourcing dwarfs the return these companies will bring in. Americans need to do a little soul searching and then try to turn the politicians from this destructive mentality to support outsourcing. Unfortunately the few that benefit from it keep pumping Capitol Hill with money. Quite a quagmire America has gotten herself.
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