10:39 pm, July 12, 2014

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  • Wow!
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  • Insurance rates will just match raise - What a deal
    Honest Broker
    It seems like my health insurance rates just seem to match my cost of living increase, so why bother with all the paperwork for OPM. Why doesn't Congress freeze my insurance rate for 1 year prior the raises? Oh yeah, how will the insurance companies be able to pay their lobbyists and contribute to campaigns? Elections are coming up so the politicians will probably vote for it. My kid's hamster seems to make more progress in his little wheel than we do in our pay.
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  • pay realities
    In 2010, a family BC/BS plan was 100 per pay period. In 2013, it is 138. That works out to about an $85 per month ($1020 per year) loss in take home pay. In 2013, Feds lost the 2% Soc Sec "holiday" -- for a typical Fed earning $70K per year that is $1400 per year. All together that is a loss of $2420 per year or a 3.5% pay decrease. In addition, fuel is more expensive, college tuition always increase, local taxes increase and list goes on. The bottom line is that the typical federal government worker's standard of living is decreasing, our work atmosphere is on the decline. we are disavowed by our political friends and despised by our enemies and there is little hope for improvement on the horizon. Add to this furloughs, RIFs and sequestration and the integrity and quality of the Federal government and the services its provides is heading in the wrong direction. Sadly, there is little/nothing Federal employees can do about this except suffer in relative silence and watch as their personal and professional worlds both decay.
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  • re: pay realities
    Just a Voice
    Hence why I'm not even sure I'm going to continue a Federal career, especially in the DC Metro region. There's no incentive to do public service anymore aside from the mission. You've pretty much laid out the economic factors. Let's not forget that since the incentives aren't there, and the workforce isn't hiring as much anymore. But when they do hire someone, they tend to be a mediocre worker at best or someone with no skills who was able to work there way in somehow. That affects everyone around them. So in some situations, the hard working, skilled employee has to pick up their slack resulting in double work for those who know the job and do well. Oh, and I just found out we're not getting performance bonuses at my agency. But hell, let's give the people a 1% raise after all the cutbacks.
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  • Obama - more concerned about image
    Obama hasn't been a very good executive officer of the Federal Government. He's overly responsive to the micro-managing and criticism from Congress instead of doing what's best for the taxpayer and the employee. Hillary will be a breath of fresh air.
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  • Keep penalizing the civilian workers
    Now's a good time to go contracting since they haven't been touched yet. All the attacks have been on federal workers to save a few pocket change. Imagine how much it will cost us once they start dropping bombs in Syria. Gotta love this capitalist country.
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