5:44 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • What a waste!
    We could be saving billions if these coddled federal workers would double or triple-up in rooms. Then there's youth hostels, which are much less expensive than fancy hotels like the Days Inn. Wasting precious taxpayer money on airfare? Ever heard of the Greyhound Bus? And while you are on the bus, you can use the Wifi and put in your 8 hours - stupid bunch of slackers.
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  • Sounds like troll talk, but keeping per diem rates holds down expenses
    Honest Broker
    Chicagoman's comments just sound like troll talk, but in reality Govt could save money just by keeping per diem rates frozen for another year. The hotel lobby must be yelling at the politicians, so it probably will go through. The real issue of abuse is unnecessary meetings requiring travel when the Govt spent a fortune on VTC assets including classified configurations. As an engineering lead, my team must visit sites to determine the design issues and meet with the users. Afterwards, we usually just use emails, drop boxes for software and VTC to update progress and get feedback. We typically stay in not so lavish hotels while our contractors seem to get put up in the upper class ones. I guess their companies compensate for the difference from per diem or they figured out some other way for the Govt to pay for it. My team sometimes goes in the field with the military, so we all sleep in the same accommodations which challenges your need for adventure (no one said it had to be fun). I love conferences or training, but those have become few and far between. Some Govt folks like to travel, but I think in general we get tired of it and would like to hold down the amount to the minimum and try to keep costs down.
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