11:06 am, May 23, 2015

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  • My view
    I used to be defense contractor for the Navy for 10 years prior to getting laid off, my responsibility was scanning Navy documents that were stored in the skiff. I can relate to the having tons of binder clips, then when having to catalog and send this stuff to FRC was a chore but fun.
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  • Software could be reused, but everyone wants to do their own thing
    Honest Broker
    Over 30 years in the Govt, I have watched software get re-written over and over and over and over. I was so glad when we finally decided to all use MS Office instead of all these different vendor products. For more specialized functions like software defined radio, the basic functions are the same but then you find multiple groups re-doing libraries with the same functions and no interoperability for re-use by others. I watched a program called Joint Tactical Radio System, JTRS, fought with all the prime contractors, but each one got to do their own thing and then charge the Govt for the software it paid for development. One of the reasons it was their design environment took years to learn. We probably should of had a run off between development environments, but each prime's politicians weighed in and shot the idea down. Maybe we need just one Govt group that does the software or at least in charge of it? I guess too many rice bowls involved to save money in that area, but I believe that is how companies do it in industry.
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