12:24 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Party like it's 1999?
    Soon we'll be paying 2014 bills with 1999 dollars. Ouch! That will really hurt for most of us. Those economist pointy heads down the street say there's no inflation, but where's Woodward & Bernstein when you need them? So, while our purchasing power goes down (true for all Americans), FedEmps are singled out as overpaid (well maybe some are)as many of us on the furlough side get slammed. Those non-furlough Feds have an even sweeter deal. We have met the mother of all divide and conquer strategies and it is the Sequester!
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  • When do the contractor pay freezes kick-in? Do we need Corp America to take over?
    Honest Broker
    All my command's service contracts were cost-plus-fixed-fee. That means that each of their employees got paid separate salaries and then they tacked on fees. The more the employee made, the more the company made. If you have a few politicians and program managers in your hip pocket, then your employees and your company did quite nicely. Now that we are in debt, the politicians first go after the Govt employees versus the contractors that cost 2 to 5 times more (see Bad Business Report by POGO.ORG). I believe H-E-L-L will freeze over before the politicians will allow losing their campaign and perks money. Maybe we do need a Corp America to take over Govt duties, so they will have to balance the budget and use internal employees to save on costs.
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