10:48 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Smart group, but will they consider insourcing to save money?
    Honest Broker
    DOD maintenance contracts sound labor intensive. Will insourcing be on the table as an equally viable solution? POGO.ORG has found that contractors cost 2 to 5 times more than just hiring people into the Govt. I found in my years as both a contractor and then Govt employee that the same people tend to do the work, so the only changes were a different company and higher charges. Another unpleasant observation was watching retiring senior management going over to this new hired company with some big title job which usually means a 6-figure salary. The Govt employee that handled the contract seemed to get a nice promotion and bonus out of the deal too. Hmmm, no conflicts of interest there, right? Too bad the guys at the top of the heap on Capitol Hill are getting some kickback out of all this outsourcing or they might promote outsourcing and get rid of the retirement job bribes. I wonder if this discussion group will bring up the option of insourcing to stir up dialogue on the hill? Is POGO.ORG's numbers correct?
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