4:29 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • No news here.
    The Watchdog
    All components of the Army has had this porblems for many years. They promote idiots who treat their people like dirt and people leave. What do expect from a micro-managed organization? On the battlefield, they're the best and extremely efficient. Off the battlefield, which is most of the time, they're numbskulls with morale problems.
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  • Not a new problem
    Big Joe
    I suspect what they are seeing is exactly why I got out of the reserves as an E-5. After my active duty period, I went reserves and had one foot in the private sector and one in the military. While I was treated as a professional in the private, the military continued to treat me as if I was just a pawn. I spent many weekends wondering why I was putting on the uniform and how the amount of money I was being paid even came close to justify the experience I was having. While I would have loved to retire, I just couldn't imagine 13 more years of it. I did return to the Government as a civilian, but know just like the military, if it gets bad enough I can always leave. The Army and all branches need to ask what they are offering these E-4 through E-6's to stay in (besides money). The obvious answer is nothing.
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