6:34 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Here we go again
    The circus is due back in town in a week or two and the news will be full of threats and counter threats, but no compromise and no real solutions. Trench warfare at its worst. The GOP is scared to death that Obamacare will actually work as advertised and the Democrats are equally scared it won't. Not that that really has anything to do with balancing the budget or increasing the debt limit. The GOP has spent so much political capital focusing solely on preventing tax increases that they can't even compromise on tax reform. Every congressman has their favorite programs that help them get reelected that funnel money to their state or district. They can't let go of them, and they are so numerous it would take months to just identify them all. We have subsidies to airports to keep a flight open that caries on average one or two passengers each. We pay farmers to not grow crops when we should be subsidizing insurance for crop failures and market collapses. We have military bases that are half empty at a time when we are downsizing our military and no one wants to cut off this rich cash stream to their state. Even with the war winding down, we are spending more on our military than most of the rest of the world combined. We are spending more on border patrols than all of Europe, who has a much bigger immigration issue than we ever will. We have a foolish feud with Cuba that is costing us both lots of trade income. We have a struggling economy that we have always fixed by investing in our future, but now that is a dirty word called deficit. It has never stopped us before, just ask anyone that was around when Reagan was in office, though Bush Sr. lost his second term for attempting to pay for that bill. Everyone loves the perks of this great nation, but few seem to want to pay for it. Sorry for going on for so long, but they seem to be doing everything but solving the real problems.
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