1:44 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Federal Pay Freeze
    Liz W.
    Mike - i am glad to read that Feds are starting to stand up for themselves. So much has been written about how we're over paid and underworked. But what i haven't seen addressed is how many of us Feds are supporting family members in other parts of the country whose lives have been destroyed by the economy. Speaking personally, the pay freeze could not have hit me at a worse time bc it was right at that time that i started providing financial assistance to my parents and siblings. I'm not able to do this bc I earn a big salary, I am able to do it bc i have cut my own expenses to the bone and believe me, there were already no luxuries in my life. Without us Feds helping our friends and families - and I bet there are a lot of us doing so - there would be a lot more foreclosures and bankruptcies. i realize as a Fed i am lucky in a lot of ways but i have worked hard these past 39 years and did not expect all these added expenses, pay freeze, and threats to the retirement i have worked hard to earn. i have friends in the private sector who get two weeks off at Christmas without having to take leave, friends who get half days off on summer Fridays, friends who get huge Christmas bonuses, stock options, profit sharing, etc - I don't know any Feds who have any of that. In better times I have known plenty of people who say they wouldn't work for the government if their lives depended on it - now those same people are resntful of how "pampered" Feds are - do any of you reading this feel pampered? i have never felt that one minute of my career. All jobs have good points and bad points - i have never resented the public sector for their job benefits and i am flabbergasted at how we the Feds are being blasted for ours. Government work is not nearly as plummy as some seem to think but as a Fed we have the satisfaction of knowing we are helping to keep our country safe and functioning. I would like to see the Fed bashing stop, it's unfair and it's hurtful bc as described herein, a lot of us are using our salaries to help keep a roof over the heads of those we love until things get better.. i have been wanting to express these feelings for quite some time so thank you for listening. L. a grateful but non pampered Fed
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  • Looks like FedEmps have chosen sides
    Reading today's comments make me wonder if we haven't all chosen sides? Why does the president get a free pass? I blame them all. Why cut FedEmp pay when govt is giving free money to everybody else?
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  • Part Of The Punching Bag
    Debra S.
    Read all the feedback from the column today. Hey Robert Duncan....who do I write my $20 check out to and where do I mail it? Need to know so I can get it in the mail ASAP! Great idea...hitting people in the "pocket/pocketbook" always works for me and I work for the agency that knows lots about the "pocket/pocketbook" - IRS.
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  • The new Praetorian Guard?
    Just me
    Sorry folks, but the "hit back" options being proffered all have the potential for consequences worse than the current problems. Given the current perception of government workers, as people who routinely spy on the American public, political machinations (including campaign finance influence) would be a metaphorical "bridge too far." And before anyone makes a claim about individuals exercising their rights...I would observe that many of our rights (as federal employees) are routinely curtailed as a consequence of our employment. The best outcome that would arise from these "plans" (once they become known) is an extension of the Hatch Act. The worst would be a political backlash that would make the current situation seem tame by comparison.
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  • NARFE??
    Big Joe
    If anyone thinks the union is an answer, then they have another thing coming! What have they done for anyone in the last 20 years? Their sole function is to get and keep member who pay dues so those in management can continue to reap a paycheck. When a union can show mea true benefit they deliver, and my coworkers do union work on their own time instead of the Governments, then I'll join. Until that day comes, the unions are just another hand going into my pocket with no benefit to me....
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  • NARFE needs to take note of UPS ads on TV
    Honest Broker
    I agree with Big Joe that I am not financing a union shop that gets no results. NARFE keeps lobbying up on Capitol Hill, but gets little results because the politicians think they are immune. I recently saw the UPS ad explaining how the politicians are mis-directing their funds and make it look like UPS is running in the red. I would like to see NARFE fix up the politicians by running the costs of contracting out versus just hiring people into the Govt. How about showing POGO.ORG's findings of 2 to 5 times more expensive? Booze-Allen was charging $250K-$300K for Snowden as an IT administrator. Why not post what that costs outside the Govt? How about posting a couple of mis-information notes and the politicians that are pushing it? NARFE wants my money, well they better show some results and an ad targeting Govt mis-information would be the ticket for me.
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