6:30 am, May 28, 2015

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  • The best preparation is
    Living below your means. Not all of us get that $3,000,000 per month trust fund payment. In fact just the opposite, Mike, can you tell us how many people have cut their TSP contributions this year? Frankly, going from 5 to 4 or 3 only makes sense because you only get 1/2 per cent match on the last 2% contributed. It's the obvious choice for us who know we now have to keep working anwyay, but haven't had a COLA in four years and got major cuts this year. I don't know about y'all, but I'm going broke trying to keep up the household with all this inflation. The fat has been cut, the vacations have been cut, the TSP has been cut, and I don't know what to do next because I'm already living a lower middle class existence.
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  • no easy answer
    It seems to me that the middle class is suffering more than anyone. The rich are doing just fine, the poor are actually doing okay with the expansion and easy access to government assistance. The middle class on the other hand is taking it in the shorts. Now how can that be when the "party for the middle class" has been in the White House for four plus years and controlled all or half of Congress for the past six plus years? Kind of ironic isn't it?
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  • the poor are actually doing okay?
    Old Navy Comms O
    Programs for the poor have taken huge hits along with everything else in government thanks to the federal sequester and shrinking state budgets. I agree that the rich are doing fine and income inequality between the top 1% and the rest of us increases daily. Blaming middle class problems even partially on the poor is misplaced.
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  • Ebay has been very helpful
    It is amazing the sorts of things people will pay for. I have sold old gifts that I never used. In some cases there was a package of items that I liked some of and didn't like the rest at all so I set them aside. I am glad I never got around to throwing them out. Cleaning out the basement I found all sorts of serviceable items for sale. Sold a few decorative items from around the house that don't seem quite so interesting anymore. Furlough weekends have become Ebay listing days. It is a bit of work, but so far I have been able to more or less keep up with the losses from furloughs. Of course this is a somewhat self limiting operation, as the basement is now pretty clear and the odd shelves and window sills are starting to look pretty empty too. Not sure what I would do if the government shut down for a week or more next year. I have been saving where I can and will continue, but a week all at once would be very uncomfortable and more would be really hard to deal with. So far I have refused to cut my TSP contributions, because as hard as things are, I still want to be able to retire some day. Gotta keep the resume polished and start thinking about other options.
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  • Govt shutdown likely with no payback later - Contractors will do OK
    Honest Broker
    I hear about having barely enough to make it, and then I see people wearing latest fashions, nice cars, live in new homes, going on exotic vacations, $150 hairdos, $30 pedicures, eat out for lunch every day, etc. Trying to keep up with the Jones' is expensive. For $15 per lunch over 48 weeks in 1 year you spend $3600, but yet I see the strugglers out doing lunches. I see couples with no kids buying 3000 sqft houses in new neighborhoods at $250K - $500K. With sequestration setting the stage for the next Govt shutdown, I would not be living on the edge because I suspect there will be no pay back for the time you were off. I wonder if a shutdown will effect the contractors? They will probably have their contracts plused up with expiring funds, so the Govt folks will just have to take the hit.
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