1:00 am, May 30, 2015

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  • WOW!!
    Midwest View
    Obviously both SSA & OPM were asleep at the switch!!!!
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  • This a wrong on so many levels
    When my husbands grandmother passed away, I immediately called Social Security and OPM to inform them of her passing. Granted it wasn't my place to do it but I knew my mother in law all too well, she sucked every dime that this poor woman had and I was going to make sure she wasn't getting a dime more. The grandmother retired from the IRS, my mother in law was livid that the IRS and OPM was reported. She didn't want the IRS or OPM called...Ooopps...my bad... :) so sorry. Good thing I had the grandmothers Social Security number on hand, it's pathetic when you have a daughter talking about taking out a credit card in her mothers name just after she died. People like this dirt bag needs to repay every dag gone dime, make them examples to others who are considering on doing the same thing.
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  • You shoulld have let her steal the money for a year or more [to drive up the severity of the crime], and then ANONYMOUSLY let the Feds know.
    The Original Joe S
    She'd have become a resident of the Feral Gubmint's Crossbar Arms Resort and Spa! And YOU'D have been rid of her for at least a while. AND, you get a slice of the money she stole! A WIN-WIN-WIN!
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  • Sorry to disappoint you Joe
    "AND, you get a slice of the money she stole! A WIN-WIN-WIN!" I am proud to say I have been working going on 30+ years, I am not one to suck the system like my mother in law and those on welfare.
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