4:01 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • It's all about keeping you distracted
    The Three Card Monty or magician's rabbit is all about misdirection and keeping your eyes off what's really going on. Just like all those hidden Gorillas that are popular now. There are Gorillas everywhere, in fact, it's a downright Gorilla Epidemic. But keep following Diana, Trayvon or Casey while the Gorillas dance away with your money and civilization.
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  • For Real?
    You give our elected officials far too much credit. Most of them are out on the campaign trails because this is the only time of year they see their constituents short of the full blown election frenzy. It is time to visit state fairs and such. For the most part, the government is spending its money on the same things it was spending it on last month and last year and the last decade.
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  • What the heck?
    Who would want a chicken skeleton?
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  • Schools
    From the photo, it looked like a display item. My high school had several animal skeletons on display in glass boxes for students to see the skeletal structure of other animals. A chicken would be as good an example as any.
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