7:58 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • It could be worse
    My position description has a little line in it that says "any other tasks as assigned". This has included pumping wastewater saturated with nitroglycerin in the middle of the night and running a variety of different scale experiments to find ways to clean it. Pumping hundreds of drums of concentrated vinegar into a vat and neutralizing it, testing it, and discharging to the sewage treatment plant. Testing the permeability of gloves and finding that latex won't even hold back water for more than a couple minutes. Testing auto inflation systems for life jackets so that when a sailor falls overboard, he/she will float back to the surface. The odd industrial plumbing projects you don't have a budget to get professionals to do for you. It is almost worth all the boring reports, the regular reorganizations, the constant uncertainty of being managed by politicians and being disrespected by people that don't even know your name.
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  • Up in Smoke
    John E.
    Which came first, the chicken skeleton or the Cuban cigar?
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  • "the other guy would be worse"
    How long will we accept that excuse for not getting COLAs or losing FEHBP? It's Pogo time, we have met the enemy, and you can only blame Boogeymen for so long, until responsbility and accountability set in. Reality is Feds have suffered the past 4 years and it's getting worse not better, as private sector rebounds we have truly been shafted.
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  • Govt jobs important? Yes, but mis-information abounds - NARFE Ads needed
    Honest Broker
    Invasive species bring many problems, so kudos to CBP for checking the cargo coming in. My office procures computer systems and develops software solutions for DOD, but the politicians impede doing the integration by Govt personnel even though we have shown major savings (up to 5 times cheaper). Then I read a POGO.ORG report back in 2011 that the contracted labor charge rates are on average twice as expensive and up to 5 times more than a Govt employee including all benefits. Besides the other important Govt jobs like law enforcement, border patrol, customs, etc., there are those of us trying to defend the country without breaking the bank and playing favorites but Capitol Hill keeps demonizing us with misinformation. I'm glad to the see US Postal Service finally putting out ads showing how Washington has misrepresented their cash flow. I wish NARFE would stop spending money on lobbying and start producing such ads, because what they do now is not working.
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  • since you asked....
    My job description says, among other things, that I am to provide leadership and be accountable for various programs. They must have left that requirement out of POTUS's. I better be careful, the NSA is watching. Hey, during the 2008 campaign wasn't it POTUS who said he would end Bush's eavesdropping on US citizens? It sounded like he said "end" but maybe he said "expand". I don't know.
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  • Hey, wasn't it George W. Bush who said...
    ...we had to invade Iraq because Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and a direct link to al Qaeda? ..... Guess that lie was different, just a little more expensive, huh?
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  • Why stop at Bush?
    Go back and look at all the quotes re: WMDs in Iraq from Bill, Hillary, Albright, and others during Clinton's reign. Were they lying too? We can talk about the past all day long, but shouldn't we focus on the present? What has Obama been doing other than playing golf? What have the Dems been doing? People seem to forget that the Dems have controlled all or two thirds of government since Jan 1, 2007. That's more than six and a half years of Dems running the show and the results stink!
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  • Not really
    The Dems did not control 2/3 of the government in 2007. O course you, an anti Dem would give us that nonsense. The Dems controlled 1/3, the legislative branch. 1/3 was the Republicans in the executive branch. And 1/3 is the Supreme Court.-------As far as what the Dems said, they did not invade Iraq. George did. And he cited fabricated evidence.
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  • Wrong again Mod
    The Dems controlled both the House and Senate beginning in Jan 2007 and continued their 100% control over the legislative branch until the American public kicked them out of the House in 2010 midterms. When it comes to Iraq and WMDs you show what a true partisan you are. The same intel relied upon by Bush was the same intel used by Clinton. I think it's clear the intel was wrong, but to say Bush lied is nothing more than partisan baloney by a left wing hack.
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