2:52 am, May 30, 2015

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  • What none are telling the public
    Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid cost a small fraction of the cost of the program. These programs are designed to give away money as efficiently as possible. You cut their funding and they become less efficient and there is less oversight, so more money goes to fraud. The less you spend on IRS the less money the government is due gets into the government to pay its bills. The IRS costs a small fraction of what it brings in. So many of these cuts only become self fullfilling prophesies of a failed government. You want to balance the budget, then do it, but don't pretend that Sequestration is a valid solution to anything.
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  • Rose colored glasses?
    SSA and Medicare costs are a small cost? Say what?
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  • You intentionally misunderstand my statement
    The cost to administer SS and Medicare is a very small part of the cost of the programs. The offices that administer these programs cost pennies compared to what they pay out to the recipients of the programs. I dare you to find a comparable program that is as effective at the cost. Sequestration cuts into the administration of the programs, not into the benefits. That means that it takes longer to process applications for people entering into the programs. It means fewer investigators to catch fraud. It means that when something goes wrong it takes longer to fix it and the fix is more likely to be temporary. Now that I have stated the obvious, perhaps you could think instead of just shooting off snarky remarks.
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  • SSA Mgmt
    Midwest View
    SSA needs to consolidate field offices in many areas of the country. Plus,SSA has a thin bench of line managers as pointed out by the GAO. They have many in management who do not have a college degree.
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