9:46 am, May 25, 2015

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  • DISA and new Communications
    Dear Jared, I like the article you highlighted about the new communication channels. When I first started with the multiplexing back in the days, that was the top line for all, when I had a chance to work with it along with fiber-optics technology was even greater. But I do know that VOIP is now more and more a reality, and my major concern is thi whole thing was and is the security levels on it. How easy would it be to crack in when same channels will be carring all the bits of info. May we will have multiplexing levels over it. Adding to it, I had a chance to be present in a demonstration from a contractor and we had DOD present showing certain amazing new capabilities with over IP links with voice and video Simultaneously with no delays. Let's keep check on the new up-comming technologies. thank you Jared.
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  • VoIP
    Any VoIP packets can be captured and sniff. However as long as the system never leaves the DoD's network then it's a bit harder for hackers to capture it from the outside. I wouldn't imagine the DoD would be foolish enough to let their data float outside unencrypted.
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