3:34 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Unfunded Requirements?
    So much for investigative reporting. The question to ask is " Mr. Hale: Since DOD does not have sufficient funds to pay civilian employees, can you ensure those employees, the public, and Congress that no funds have or will be spent on unfunded requirements (UFRs) which, by definition, are lower priority than pay which had been included in the budget at the beginning of the year"? Hmmmm?
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  • Requirements need major review along with how to solve them
    Honest Broker
    All requirements and their solutions need a major review for priority and possible cancellation. After that, a true analysis of alternatives (AOA) needs to be performed before committing anymore funds. Program office should also consider Govt development solutions especially if they include commercial off the shelf components. One of my military customers had a need, but all the turn key systems were well beyond their budget. My Govt engineers built the same capability for the price of 1 of those systems and now each copy costs one fifth plus we keep adding new capabilities every year. The customer loves to show off the systems, which may save money elsewhere but I hope that does not bring its end due to Corp America control. POGO.ORG reported in 2011 that Govt outsourcing cost the taxpayer between 2 to 5 times more, but the politicians just nodded their heads and then kept up the trend. Hale wants to really save DOD some money, they need to put all solutions on the table including using Govt development and publicly point out politicians or others that fight him.
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