10:31 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Something else that may help
    The Navy has at least 4 different financial systems they use for tracking and moving money. They all have varying levels of compatibility with each other from some what compatible to not at all. This generates a lot of duplicative data entry, errors, misunderstandings, and so on. You have one that updates another once a week. The one is used by the field and the other by HQ for tracking spending. The accounts don't match because the update is tomorrow at 4 am or some such. Every minute after that they grow further apart until the next update. You have whole groups of people that spend a significant part of their week either entering the same data into multiple systems or explaining to upper management why the numbers don't seem to match up, or tracking down and correcting data that was mistakenly overwritten from one database onto the other. I would be seriously surprised if the Army or Air Force were any better. Since they often go their own ways on everything, they likely have totally different financial systems that won't talk to any of the Navy systems well, if at all.
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  • Smarter? Why is Govt developed not considered?
    Honest Broker
    Many program offices will not even consider Govt developed solution. You will hear aguements that the job is too big, Govt moves too slow, Govt employees not skilled enough, etc. How do they know? Several months after the contract award, you will see many of these program office people working for that company. Could this be the reason? According to a Sept 2011 POGO.ORG Bad Business report on contract labor charges, a commercial development costs the Govt 2 to 5 times more than just using Govt employees. As for turn key systems, I found these cost multipliers the same. For example, my office needed a data processing system for a military organization. Every quote was $100K per system, but they were using mostly common IT equipment for the analog front-end. My office convinced the customer to give us $150K for development and we paid salaries plus built 2 prototype systems. We have supply vendor quotes for $25K per system with some of that money going back into improving the software. The customer has started field testing and they like it so much, they want to keep improving it. Interestingly, the software runs on new computers better than the older prototype ones. The customer has the option of using the cheaper older models or more powerful but more expensive new ones, so depends on the mission. Unfortunately Corp America controls the politicians who control the money, but this is just one example where putting all options on the table resulted in savings and a smarter solution.
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  • Less what?
    "Instead, the idea that is starting to take hold across government is be smarter with less." How about stop asking for college degrees for positions that don't warrant it, just because someone has a degree doesn't mean they have the brains to do their job or know what they are doing so why pay them so much. I've met my share of those who got degrees that couldn't spell worth a hoot, most had no common sense to speak of. Here I have a diploma, 30+ years work experience and can't find a job because most want degrees for File Clerk & Receptionist positions but then pay them $10 an hour. Last good job I held was a defense contractor for the Navy for 10 years before getting laid off, worked in PMS394/450. Loved my job but because I didn't have a degree, I was passed up for certain positions. Reason being, the excuse those like me were given...the "customer" wants degrees. I later found out that wasn't the case, it's because contractors get more $$$$ from the gov't for those who have degrees. I wouldn't be surprised if contractors doctor up their workers profile to get more money, just because someone has a diploma doesn't mean they aren't worth having a good job. My salary was $41k, someone who was hired right out of college with no Navy and VERY LITTLE work experience made $52k. The funny part, I had to train them to do their job...isn't that a pisser?
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