12:57 am, May 29, 2015

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  • What Happens When You Leave?
    I think it was Napoleon who said, "The world's graveyards are full of irreplaceable men." I'd worry more about a federal brain drain if the government did a better job overall to begin with. Wasn't it just yesterday that we had a discussion about why it takes SIX MONTHS for OPM to figure out how much your retirement check is supposed to be?
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  • indispensable
    John E.
    The graveyards are full of indispensable men. Charles de Gaulle
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  • Wise Old Fed-Pain with no gain
    Nice post, probably largely true for those with marketable skills and those that are not trapped by excess tenure. Reality is "the Deal" was most certainly broken and Fed Emps now have experienced the pain of private sector without the gain of private sector. While my private sector friends buy their second new car of the year we are getting by with cars over 100K miles. No vacation this year. Cut cut cut. Yet we are told the furloughs have been reduced to a fraction of what was planned. With the prospects of more furloughs next year, no awards, govt shutdown, and no COLAs for 4 years (despite inflation through the roof), govt service is now a virtual vow of poverty, except for those at the top.
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  • I have been through several RIFs
    When the early outs are offered, you get a few people that had already been packing up their office or that have had severe health problems for some time. Unless you plan to die within a couple years of leaving, the early retirement package of most offices isn't worth the paper it is printed on. The standard buyout package is one week pay per year of service up to $25,000 one time lifetime limit pre-tax. Unless you die soon, it generally doesn't make up for the loss in retirement benefits for leaving early. Separation pay has the same limit and is generally taken by people that already have another job lined up and they want some pocket money for the move. What happens more often is that interns are told they are released from their agreement because we have no positions to place them in when they graduate the program. Younger people with marketable skills run screaming, never to return to federal service again. You end up with a jaded workforce of people too young or unwilling to retire and too vested in the system to start over in the private sector. Few private sector companies will give you any credit for your years of federal service and some won't hire you because of it. After 10 years of sequester, you will likely have this in spades, with fewer looking toward the federal government as a career. One of the few perks of federal service used to be the ready access to training. That started to die years ago and has been finished off with sequester. Even job required training is being pushed back indefinitely. We are having a hard time getting legally required job training authorized for people like utilities workers that run power plants and water and wastewater plants.
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  • Sad Fact
    Remember When
    The sad fact remains that the "lean-but-not-so-mean cadre of fresh-faced, idealistic-yet-pragmatic people anxious to serve" as you called them didn't sign on to work for the governement because they wanted to serve their country and the American public, they signed-on for the perks and promises. Us old Feds realize we work for the Federal Government which is nothing like "Microsoft or XYZ Corporation" that offer basketball courts, naps, long lunches, salad bars, warm cookies in the afternoon, twitter, facebook,etc. We didn't ask for perks when we signed on, our perk was serving our country. As I look around the workforcedaily and think about the issues I address, I am having a hard time envisioning what the Government will look like when my generation retires. You can't replace historical knowledge, good old common sense and people skills with degrees and you can't BS your way through the day either -- not if you truly took your oath seriously. I feel like I'm the lone voice of reason at work when the youngsters are more focused on ice cream socials, sports days, and 5Ks.
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