8:32 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Federal Employees and Retirees
    Jessica makes clear the substantial financial sacrifice that our Nation's Federal workforce has made toward balancing the budget: $114 Billion over 10 years. Indeed, "Enough is enough!" No other group has sacrificed as much. In spite of the financial loss to income, the Federal Family continues to Protect America's Heartbeat through (to name a few) Agricultural safety, national Defense, Foreign Service, Homeland Security, Customs & Border Protection, Airline safety (over 650 Million enplanements in 2012), weather services, as well as services for our Veterans (VA) and Senior citizens (Social Security and Medicare). Our elected Representatives and Senators must change their focus to deliver results on National issues to move our country forward - economically, socially, competitively. Not on the backs of people who Protect America's Heartbeat.
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  • Post-war build up kept folks employed while outsourcing continued - Now what?
    Honest Broker
    Ramping up the war machine followed by the rebuilding of Afghanistan and Iraq provided the ideal distraction of Americans from the real problem caused from the politicians letting Corp America outsource jobs. While the 911 attacks were still fresh in our minds, the Bush Administration made a full effort to demonize Iraq and its potential for WMDs on US citizens. Did they find any? No. Prior to 911, Americans had started to complain about the outsourcing to China. By generating millions of jobs associated with the war on terrorism, cyber security and rebuilding, we all had jobs and the economy looked good. The politicians knew we were digging a deep hole, but money was flowing and probably a lot into their hands. I guess they are rich now, so many are not running for re-election. POGO.ORG found contractors charge 2 to 5 times more than Govt employees. Why not start insourcing services jobs back into the Govt to save money? Wonder if 2014 will be the year we start seeing more politicians sincerely addressing the outsourcing problem? Doubt it, so now what?
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