4:33 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Easier said than done
    In my office we had trouble maintaining funding for training before sequester started. Now we have virtually no training. We have tried offering our own classes by hiring contractors and using our own conference rooms. We have been converting conference rooms into office space, because there is no money or room for expansion. We have A/C Mechanics that require regular job training to keep required certifications. We have boiler mechanics, water and wastewater treatment plant operators that have legal requirements for continuing training that we struggle with every year. Most of our professional engineers have continuing education requirements they already have to pay for themselves to maintain their licenses. Many have had to purchase video or online courses designed to meet minimum legal requirements for most states, but it often costs hundreds of dollars every year for these engineering courses and whether they meet state standards or not has yet to be tested. The option is to take leave from work and pay even more for in class training. Right now, all conferences are off, and training has to be approved through 5 or 6 levels of management to be approved. Mentoring often amounts to showing them who to contact if the phone or computer stops working and dropping off a stack of project files for them to work on. Young people often jump ship asap for a place with actual career potential, when we can get them at all.
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