8:02 am, May 23, 2015

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  • My view
    I was laid off after 10 years as a defense contractor for the Navy in D.C., I loved my job and took great pride in my work. I've been passed up for promotions, it was thrown in my face that the reason was because I didn't have a degree. I see contracting jobs online that require a degree for positions that don't warrant it, only reason is because contractors pass the higher costs of hiring those with degrees to the government.
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  • How did outsourcing manufacturing help America?
    Honest Broker
    The politicians and Corp America did a great job of distracting the taxpayer citizens by all these post-war jobs, while they moved all manufacturing over to China and India. Then to compound the problem, they got greedy and came up with cost-plus-fixed-fee contracts that allow them to charge too much for their services. In 2011 POGO.ORG published a blistering report to Congress that these services were costing 2 to 5 times more than if they just stuck with hiring Govt employees. With those kinds of markups over a decade, the US is running into budget problems and having to shut down some of the contracting. With all manufacturing sitting overseas, these high technical have no where to go. Why again did the politicians allow Corp America to outsource? Oh yeah, its good for business and not so good for the American citizen.
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