8:09 am, May 27, 2015

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  • FERS phased retirement drops the supplement payment to zero
    Honest Broker
    I had considered lingering at my technical job to help the new folks, so my command mentioned the phased retirement option. After looking into it, my personnel office informed me that FERS employees lost any of the supplement pay. It sounded like you lost the supplement permanently meaning you had to work until 62 even if you retired at 56. The supplement equated to one-third of my retirement check. With the politicians playing fast and lose with my retirement benefits and the persistent pressure to outsource versus using my young engineers and scientists, I turned in my retirement papers. If you are considering the phased retirement, then be prepared to lose that supplement portion of your check and run the risk of the politicians reducing your benefits further.
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  • phased retirement
    The option for phased retirement should also be available to employees accepting VERA retirements. This makes sense if the intention was to offer it to all employees considering some form of retirement.
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  • I hit 30, and IMMEDIATELY SPLIT! Going on 6 years now; glad I did! AMF!
    The Original Joe S
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