11:05 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Tens of billions here and there
    While we cut employees and infrstructure here in USA we send tens of billions overseas to foriegn govts. Is State Dept still flying first class? How many jets do they have? Looks live even the Fed Got is turning into a two-tier system of haves and have-nots. This aint right.
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  • furlough pay
    While feds negatively impacted by the furlough are suffering this summer, Congress is on a 38 day vacation. Actually,the Republican House has fewer in session days in 2013 than ever. They love being hated and I hope they love being hated so much that they get fired by voters.
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  • In Session House 105 Days Senate 110 Days
    Really not much difference between the two.
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  • Mea Culpa
    As of 31 August, the number of days in session for the Senate will be 106 days and 101 days for the House. Still not a big difference.
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  • The truth is needed, not political slop.
    Yes, there is a difference. The House keeps on passing garbage bills that the Repubs know will go nowhere in the Senate. The purpose is propaganda. Another piece of garbage is their investigation of the IRS. If there is a true need for this investigation, let the professional investigators do it in private with subpoena powers. Get at the truth instead of having publicity seeking hounds yap.
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  • Sounds like DoD is almost done with furloughs for this FY
    Just got word Hagel announced DoD will stop with 6 furlough days. I guess that between retirements and people jumping ship and some money that was held back for end of year stuff it is too late to award, they found the $900 million they were looking for. I was just starting to get used to the new work schedule too. One more Monday off for me and two Fridays for others and we are done until next fiscal year in October. I guess the circus returns to town in 5 weeks time, get your popcorn ready.
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