4:26 am, May 28, 2015

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  • US foreign policy and contract types stressing Navy obligations?
    Honest Broker
    The politicians and Corp America want the Navy as the first line of US foreign policy by showing our military might to countries not wanting to play nice. The Navy must also address rogue military entities like the Somali pirates and ones over in Indonesia. The Navy is spread all over the globe, but then competes for dollars being used to rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq. Politicians compounded the problem by allowing cost-plus-fixed-fee contracts, which allows the contractor to pay all kinds of wages and then charge it off to the Government. With many of the politicians on the payroll, they will just keep approving more money. POGO.ORG found that the contractors now cost 2 to 5 times more than an equivalent Govt employee including all the benefits. We used to have fixed price contracts, which locked down wages relative to the type of job and skill level. We need to change our foreign policy to only defeat aggressors, and then leave them to rebuild on their own nickel. Navy needs to move back to fixed price contracts or go back to a more Govt workforce.
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  • My view
    The gov't also needs to open their eyes about what they will pay too, I used to be a defense contractor for 10 years with the Navy. Five years was in DC working for Team Sub, I saw my share of waste going on. For example, I don't have a degree but I had 10 years experience. My former company hires an employee right out of college, ZERO Navy experience. They pay her $52k right off the top and it took me 10 years to make $41k, I was told that contractors hire those with degrees because they can demand more money from the military. It's understandable if they have IT or technical knowledge, but to pay this for a glorified paper pusher? What's interesting is I had to train this grad to do their job, I eventually left. I was tired of security measure oversights being brushed off and inter-office BS, I am grateful for the opportunity to work for the Navy...best job ever.
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