12:57 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • So...
    Sunna W
    although the Federal worker has filed the paper work and is not working (e.g. retired) they are not going to get retirement benefits owed them by law because of a back log? I don't understand this. Shouldn't we know before we walk out the door when we can expect the first check? In the past we were told to plan on having 30 days to 45 days of cash in savings so that we could bridge the gap between one system and the other one. I know people who have waited six months for a retirement check. That is really inexcusable.
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  • If you
    retire at the end of the month under FERS you will receive a check at the beginning of the month following. Retire the end of June you get a deposit on or about 1 August.
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  • OPM retirement processing was good last year, sequestration did have impact
    Honest Broker
    OPM processed my retirement last year with the expected delay of about 5-6 months between the partial pay stipend and then the full amount deposits. I can see where folks with legal obligations such as divorce alimony, child support, outstanding bills, legal fees, etc. could have some major delays as OPM tries to make sure everyone gets their money. Sequestration inherently impacts processing time, but go blame the politicians and not OPM for the delay.
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  • On the other hand
    I retired the end of June and was finalized at the end of July. BRAVO OPM!
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