1:57 am, May 28, 2015

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  • The House just won't let the Post Office survive
    Cutting the current debt from $16 billion to $9 billion but cutting off most of the means of saving money to pay that doesn't help anyone. They are still in a death spiral with no way out. No more consolidation of operations for 2 years, maintaining a costly 6 day delivery schedule and persisting in forcing them to pay for lifetime healthcare for people that haven't retired yet will kill the Post Office no matter how you juggle the numbers. This will just do it slightly slower. Yeah, they can be used to ship alcohol, but that doesn't mean much business wise, as this is a very small part of what is shipped and private companies already own that market. The House has the same numbers the Senate does and they know this will not save the Post Office. The Post Office ships 10 times more for half the price of any commercial shipping company and they pick up and deliver from at least twice as many locations. Congress fixes their rates and sets the rules and they know for a fact the Post Office can't survive like this. You want to end the Post Office, then pass a Constitutional Amendment and be done with it already. Stop killing it a little at a time and making it as worthless as our Congress.
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