2:42 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Are we not supposed to be downsizing? We should be insourcing
    Honest Broker
    As our deficit climbs due to the escalation of war related expenses and supposedly we are getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems logical there will be a drop in contracts. Why is this a surprise? POGO.ORG in Sep 2011 Bad Business Report found that contractors cost 2 to 5 times more than just using Govt employees. With the growth of contract personnel and then the extra cost, its no wonder the country cannot sustain the status quo. We knew this was coming, so the contractors cannot play ignorant. Unfortunately over the last few decades US manufacturing and services jobs were outsourced overseas, so contract employees have no job market to absorb them. For decades Corp America has successfully lobbyied to increase the number of green cards and visas for foreigners to study in the US and take technical jobs. This took slots away from US students and the foreigners would take lower pay, so they got the jobs. Corp America reaps all the money and that drives Capitol Hill decisions. The only downsizing I see is for the average US citizen's wallet.
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