9:02 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Signs that IT outsourcing not working on many levels, yet continues - Why? Money
    Honest Broker
    IBM gets the follow-on contract to a failed project they were the previous prime contractor? Why are we still spending billions on new development IT? For the amounts of money spent, we are not getting a very good return on our investment. At the end of the article a senior program manager in IT was retiring and taking a job with a major Govt contractor that supported his agency. Would not that not be a conflict of interest? Is that how IBM managed to win the follow-on? POGO.ORG discovered contract labor hours like IT costs 2 to 5 times more than Govt IT personnel. Outsourcing dumbed down the Govt, did not save money and the public is complaining about the product. This another example of how the politicians funnel money to their buddies, while they drive the US economy towards insolvency? We really need a change of attitude towards insourcing up on Capitol Hill.
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