10:07 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Barletta may be disappointed
    The first part of moving a group to a new (smaller) office is renovating the smaller office you are moving them into. This can, and often does, tens of millions of dollars, for a very small savings in maintenance and energy costs. You could get most of the same savings by simply retrofitting the current space with more efficient environmental systems, insulated windows and doors, and more efficient lighting systems. It would also help if Congress would actually review the funding requests when an Agency wants a new $100 million office building to see what they are demolishing or selling off when they leave the old space. There is also absolutely no reason any federal agency should be renting or leasing office space. The Federal government owns plenty of office buildings for twice the people we have. If the building is structurally unsound, then demolish it and start over, or sell it off.
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  • Probably want more rental space to make more money
    Honest Broker
    It takes an act of Congress (literally) to get a more efficient new building, but we can spend 3 to 5 times more than new on refurbishments. We also house contractors in our facilities with little to no financial advantage to the Govt, but yet they charge admin fees. Maybe they want all Govt space to be rented, so their real estate buddies get the old property to make money and then charge rental. Makes me wonder what the ulterior motive is behind this investigation.
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