5:52 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Here's what I spent my vacation time and personal funds on last week (unlike Congress)
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  • And . . .
    I also chaired three session tracks on big data; data analysis trends; and cloud computing. So apart from mud slinging, Congress, what did you do?
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  • Mike's vacation
    Hopefully he'll be back on Monday and can help shed light on furloughs and budgets for next year. Will we be able to avoid the dreaded govt shutdown? Will the next one essentially be a govt wide furlough? I doubt we'll get back pay this time. Seems like DC is ready for some leadership and forget grand bargains just do their constitutional duty, or is that seeking asylum in Russia too?
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  • 56 percent time spent in Wash DC at $175K per year - nice job
    Honest Broker
    Bad enough the politicians got us into a financial mess, but then to take 5 weeks off without solving anything. According to CNN, this Congress almost spends more time on vacation than at work. They are probably worried about the 2014 election, so they are out early fund raising and making promises to Corp America. There may be some major changes in 2014 election, but the new folks will probably have plenty of IOUs to Corp America to drive their decisions. Wish we could take money out of the election process and political perks, so it would not bias all their decisions on Capitol Hill.
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  • Hi Contrarian
    I think we can both agree that the right wing Republicans and the left wing Democrats must get together and compromise on the issues so the government can be run properly. If things go the way they have been going, the people, including government workers, will pay for the politicians' actions.
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