1:30 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Is this to justify more contractors? OPM has gotten better
    Honest Broker
    They want Govt agencies to move as fast as commercial entities. First, take away all the rules and regulations that the politicians put on the Govt and not on commercial entities. Next, give the Govt employee more decision making authority instead of a long approval process with too many people. Punish those that abuse that authority by going to jail and publicly letting everyone know they got caught instead of trying to hide it. I retired last year and OPM seemed very reasonble in their processing time. You only run into problems when you have financial obligations like divorce allimony, child support, outstanding Govt loans, etc. Personnally this just sounds like another politician trying to justify sending all the work out to his contractor buddies, so they can pad his campaign funds and perks.
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