6:00 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Saves money, but does it improve performance in any way?
    The problems we have now are lack of bandwidth and shared storage. We have a teleconference site with a capacity of 20,000 and you can never seem to log into it because it is always full. Many server applications grind to a halt after 7:30 am. My office puts files on the server so that we can all use them and so when someone is on furlough or leave we can get to them and keep work moving. We are constantly running out of storage, having files lost and so on. Will this effort solve any of these problems? If not, I am not real impressed. The cost of maintaining a server depends on the number of people using it more than the number of boxes and buildings you keep the equipment in. I don't see this saving near as much as estimated.
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  • the side of caution
    Just a reminder to Navy and USMC personnel and employees who have records or files on the Navy system... If you CANNOT afford to LOSE the E-document or record, BE SURE to get a print out hard copy with the appropriate extras for it to be accepted by your Service should the E-document or record get lost or corrupted. An electronic backup isn't going to cut it with your boss if he can't get official confirmation, and that's exactly what the Navy/USMC has an unfortunate history of LOSING from time to time. Another point to remember: there's tens of thousands of service personnel who've had their Social Security numbers lost or compromised by OUTSIDE contractors who were given access (the firm that guy Snowden worked for isn't a first time offender vis a vis poor IA)... How many people do you all know who received notification that their data was compromised? Because I don't know ANY. So BE CAREFUL!
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  • Servers great if you have connectivity and cost effective support
    Honest Broker
    Servers are great until you lose connection to them and then you are sunk. They best be in different physical locations with duplicate copies of all data and a good uninterrupted power supply. Finally, once a system is set up then there is management of accounts which gets into labor charges. POGO.ORG found that contractors like IBM will charge between 2 to 5 times more than if the Govt just hired them. I'll bet that IBM will claim they have IP issues if the Govt maintains the computers, so it must be IBM employees. Snowden did not even have a computer science degree, yet Booze-Allen charged between $250K - $300K for his services. A Govt Computer Scientist with a Masters Degree total cost with all benefits between $140K to $180K. Unfortunately, IBM has many politicians on their payroll so I guess America gets fleeced again.
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