6:31 am, May 30, 2015

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  • I thought we were drawing down from war reconstruction? Outsourcing effects all
    Honest Broker
    It makes sense we would reduce contracts if we are getting out of big money drains like Iraq and Afghanistan. Are we not having budget problems? I feel sorry for contract personnel because of the limited number of commercial jobs. The politicians let Corp America outsource all the manufacturing and a lot of services jobs, so no job market to absorb these people. Then to compound the problem, Corp America is lobbying for more green cards for student slots in US colleges and universities along with technical jobs that are left in the US. I really question these claims of loyalty to the American citizens by these politicians and Corp America, if they do not stop this outsourcing policy.
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  • My view
    I used to be a defense contractor for 10 years with the Navy in DC, I was laid off in 2010 due to funding cuts. During my tenure I saw those who had degrees that were placed in positions that didn't warrant having a degree, I don't have a degree. Those newly hired, with degrees and had no prior Navy/work experience, were pushed up the ladder and given prime positions. Those who had the experience, and no degree, were kept behind the curtain. I was told by management that the Navy wanted contract workers with degrees, my opinion is that contractors charge the gov't more money for those who have degrees. I worked with a newly hired grad, zero experience and she was making $11k more then me but I am the one that had to train her to do her job. While working in the contracting world, I also saw plenty of favoritism and nepotism. You would think experience would trump a degree with no experience, NOT!
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