12:41 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Limiting Pay Increases?
    Stack Rat
    Limiting civilian pay increases as an option? Seriously? Not sure if the Administration has heard, but federal civilian pay increases (other than for steps and promotions) have been frozen since 2010.
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  • Pay Raises
    Kenny Ray
    Stack Rat, Your parenthetical comment is the key, step increases. I'm surprised they did not freeze step increases three years ago. Kind of hard to freeze promotions, but you can say goodbye to automatic step increases... IF you're lucky enough to still have a job in the first place.
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  • Insourcing helps budget, but not popular
    Honest Broker
    POGO.ORG found that contract service charges are 2 to 5 times more than if they just equivalent Govt employees. Jobs for the Govt that are perpetual and indefinite, it makes no sense to continue using contract personnel. Instead, they could just move the current contract employee over into the Govt. They could pay the contractor a separation fee of 3 months salary of employee, since that is about all they have invested in them especially since the employee shouldered most of their education costs. Politicians rely heavily on Corp America contributions, so this is not a popular economic solution but will minimize the wave of contract personnel hitting the job market.
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  • Compensation/Retirement Changes
    Would the elimination of pensions for for civil service retirees, who have previously retired from the military include those who have already retired under FERS?
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