11:33 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Mike's column
    Only thing he left out is no Cherry Blossoms. Spring in DC is the prettiest. DC is mostly an indoor vacation spot while summer is ideal for outdoor vacation spots, like the beach, mountains, campground or Florida. Might as well ask if DC is a retirement destination or departure ground?
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  • Seriously???
    Remember When
    I am convinced that: 1) no matter what a "good ol' boy" you are in Po-dunk anywhere, or regardless of the changes you promise and think you can make in Washington, you cannot get anything done because of the Lobbyists 2) this country was founded on the concept "In God we Trust?" Don't you think they might have been on to something? 3) what happened to the morals and ideals that our forefathers put in place when they signed the Declaration of Independence. They faced death (many of them were killed) to ensure our freedom and make this a great country 4) what happened to a "days pay for a days work?" I'm sick of those that feel entitled and that certain jobs are beneath them. 5) this country has become too politically correct. 6) until we completely clean house (both house and senate) and start all over with some God fearing, hard working individuals that care about this country and not about what they can get out of it, we're never going to get out of this vicious cycle of wasteful spending, entitlement and greed. I have been a dedicated hardworking fed for over 30 years. I signed on because I wanted to make a difference and serve my country, I think I have accomplished that and could continue for many more years, but this nonsense with furloughs, waste and craziness is making retirement look better and better.
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  • Congress 5 week recess to beat the heat and raise money?
    Honest Broker
    The politicians are taking off most of the month of August, so maybe its just too hot (constituents and temperature). I hear this group has only been in DC 56 percent of the time. Besides regular vacations with family, they will probably be out fund raising with Corp America. Guess where their votes will lie this Fall.
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