12:19 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Wishful Thinking
    Any contract for over $750,000 generally has to be advertised on Commerce Business Daily for months. If you don't see an RFP there by now, it isn't coming this fiscal year. We are simply to close to the end to complete the required advertising time to award anything else. Large purchases generally have to start before April to be awarded in that fiscal year. Task orders are generally smaller contracts. There are also usually very few exemptions allowed for sole source contracts that would avoid the long advertising time. Another thing to remember is that DoD is in the middle of one day a week furloughs that will slow down any contract awards from about 1/2 of the civilian government by at least 20%. It also didn't help that Congress didn't give anyone a clue what the budget would look like until January and they kept making changes for months after. Other bits on information, at least in my office, our management has always had weekly meetings about our budget, are we on track to spend our money on time, according to the plan we put together at the beginning of the fiscal year. What projects are ahead or behind. The meeting itself is about 2 hours for every department head every week to attend and about half a day to prepare for. Money not spent on contracts can't be spent on salaries. It is the wrong type of money and the amount that can be shifted from one account to another is highly regulated. Most agencies have already pushed these limits to come to their current number of furlough days. Short of Congress changing those limits, if this money is not awarded on a contract, it goes back to the general fund.
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  • 2014 - Time to ponder what we really need?
    Honest Broker
    MARXWJ makes logical sense, but my command will continue to push contracts through right up to September. Of course we receive warnings of the pending deadline, but then down comes the money from the Pentagon with political backing that we have to get that contract through or else the world will come to an end (not really). Ironically, I will hear about the same individuals at the Pentagon pushing this late contract then getting a job with that company. Miraculously, the supervisors pushing the Govt employees to get it done retire and have some fine consulting job over at that company. The lower level supervisors are promoted to the next pay grade and position. Strange coincidences? Sure, that's what it was. Why don't we do something different this year and send the money back, so it reduces our debt? Oh yeah, no body gets rich that way. Maybe we will do better in 2014, but my bet is that those late contracts will go through, Govt retirees get jobs and helpful underlings get promoted.
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