3:53 am, May 26, 2015

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  • It was inevitable, but still more needs to be done - Stop outsourcing for starters
    Honest Broker
    Starting in the 1990's and then the explosion of contracts after 911, the Govt outsourcing trend has become an unsustainable drain on the US budget. POGO.ORG Bad Business Report Sept 2011 points out that contract services cost 2 to 5 times more than if using equivalent Govt employees even with long term benefits factored in. There was a flood of buying excess or unnecessary military hardware or construction contracts overseas. Political war chests have escalated over the same time period, so politicians and Corp America is arm-in-arm with the outsourcing idea even if it devastates the Govt budget. If POGO is correct, the Govt budget would be better off if they hired the actual people doing the work. Unfortunately, too much profit at stake and it pacifies the public with jobs while Corp America outsourced the commercial ones. The politicians even want to increase the number of Green cards for technical jobs citing that we have no one qualified, but in actuality they can pay a fraction of the salary compared to a US citizen. We need to break the dependency on Govt contracts, so America can get back to being self-reliant with its own citizens doing the jobs and becoming solvent again. It will be interesting if the 2014 election produces an army of new faces that can make the tough decisions and wean everyone off Govt contracts.
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  • The Next Contract Might Be Your Last
    The pregnancy metaphor seems off-target here, unless one works China's One-Child Policy into it, somehow: I suggest that the pause does not represent pent-up demand, but rather a general reduction in demand now, and in the near future, under Sequestration, for this community.
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