8:58 am, May 30, 2015

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  • I was wondering when this would come up again
    People seem to have forgotten all about the debt ceiling coming up again. Of course they are all making a big deal of the symptoms and no one is talking about the disease. You want a smaller government, then end the programs that generations have created. Anything less is just creating a self fulfilling prophesy of a government unable to provide the services it says it will by cutting workforce to a level that can't do its job. It is like throwing a wrench in the works and then complaining about how it isn't working. Obamacare makes almost everyone pay for the free healthcare we as a nation have been providing since Reagan was in office. Passing a living wage would severely reduce the number of people on welfare programs in this country and save the federal and state governments billions of dollars. Close down the VA and put our veterans on Medicare and you could close the second largest part of the civilian government, reduce duplication, save money, and provide better healthcare to our veterans. Stop buying weapons the Defense Department doesn't want and can't use. Just some ideas. If they were really serious about cutting the size and expense of the federal government, they would at least be discussing them and not yammering about the debt ceiling yet again. Either that or we pass an Amendment to the US Constitution that says no one in Congress, including all their staffers, gets paid or goes on vacation until they pass a budget. That means 250 workdays a year until the job is done, not the usual 110 or so they seem to be used to. Or better yet, they only get paid minimum wage for doing a minimum job. See how long they can last on that.
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  • I could be for this
    The only reason I would support this insane shutdown idea is that it would likely come back to bite these fools so fast and so hard that maybe, just maybe, they would finally see how destructive they have been toward the federal government and the nation. Just possibly they would finally see what a complete waste of time this has been. The GOP has made a top priority of killing the one and only healthcare idea they themselves have ever proposed. It is such nonsense it boggles the mind. Then to shut down the federal government for any time at all over such foolishness should get these fools impeached by their own states.
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  • Is the fear of a Shutdown diminished because of Sequestration.
    The number one issue that should have been and should be on the top on both the Senate and Congress is coming to a budget that both parties can live with. Not Egypt, Syria, Gun Control, Gay Marriage and the list goes on. Our so called leaders spend more time avoiding the real issues that doing what they have been elected to do, LEAD our coutry, by working together. Sequestration was suppose to have been the all encompassing measure that if invoked would FORCE our leaders to deal with the budget for once and for all. Instead, they manage to get money to fix the parts of sequestration that affect their (Congress and the Senate) on welfare or dialy routines they are use too. For example: hundreds of small airport towers support for air traffic controller were to close that would affect the senators or congressman/woman's area airport and most likely their ability to fly to where they wanted to go, so zip arroy they find the money to avoid that. Of course it was good for the people to go out on furlough, but what about the others who are on furlogh because it did not have a direct affect on a senator or congressperson, no money for they, let them go out. Sequestration did not have the major severity that is was suppose to induce simply because certain areas managed to find the money to offset they affect, to a point several major contractors who were suppose to suffer the most, ended up making profit during this time. So if Sequestration did not produce the impact as predicted by the White House, than are they now in a make-beleive state that a Government Shut Down of all non-essencial staff can be done without having the affect of a Government Shut Down. Mark my words, these idiots we call leaders do not have a clue about the common Federal Worker and all their BS the do to us. Private industry who several years ago was stating the Feds have it so easy are now making over 4% pay raises per year and their salaries are already much more than ours for the same job. They don't seem to be belly aching now that CSC, SAIC, Northrup, and other are making double diget profits, and still getting multi million dollar contracts awared to them monthly, while the Government worker has not seen a pay raise in almost four years, no bonuses, constant threat of losing more benefits, and the list goes on and on. These jerks who run our Government don't have a clue of what it is to work for a living. I wish I could hav 110 days at the office per year. They and their staffs are out of control, and we must, as a nation, implement term limits to these jokers, and elect not lawyers, but people who understand being in a normal world of trying to make ends meet, and doing the best for you family. We elect royalty, not people to office. Both the right and the left are crazy, what happended to good old common sense. I fear the accepted Sequestration will lead to a Government Shutdown, as these idiots have no idea of what is really going on.
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  • Curious
    I would like to know how the author comes to the conclusion the government is well on its way to avoiding a shut down when the rest of the article talks about nothing but the various forces lined up to cause the shutdown. What exactly have they accomplished that might prevent it? The GOP run House has passed many spending bills that all have some sort of poison pill in them. They want to send DoD more money than they asked for. They are giving plus ups to DHS and the VA. They have authorized more farm subsidies for large corporations that do industrial farming for huge profits. On the other side, they want to cut SNAP by 20% from almost nothing to budget dust. Any program they don't like has largely been ignored in the hopes they can destroy them through neglect. In the end, they are still on track to spend more than Sequestration will allow by almost as much as the Democratic plan. Both sides know their plans will not even come to a vote in the other house. There is still no long term planning going on. No actual solutions. We will float through yet another year pretending nothing is wrong and someone will come along with a magic solution any day now. Meanwhile, maintenance and other things that need doing are delayed for another year, waiting to haunt our future. Without an increase in the debt limit, all this will be wasted effort anyway. Perhaps it will all be for the best, since sequestration wasn't enough to get their attention, perhaps a total government shutdown will finally get them to notice. Or perhaps when their paychecks start to bounce they will see more clearly.
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