7:53 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Fiduciary or Not?
    Midwest View
    This should be the first question on the show: Is the Wells Fargo person acting as a fiduciary to his clients? If not, then he's just finding "suitable" investments for clients, of which most could be Wells Fargo products only.
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  • Do personal finance spreadsheet for incentive to use TSP and make smart decisions
    Honest Broker
    When we came to work in the Govt after starving through school, we tend to make up for it with cars, houses, etc. and not put money away for the future. What helped my wife and I was setting up a personal financial Excel spreadsheet. We found that if we brown bagged lunch for 42 or more weeks and then put the savings towards TSP for 30 years, we would accumulate over $500K. We paid off our house mortgage early, but it was at 8.5 percent, but the current rates at 3 to 4 percent and investment returns at 8 to 10 percent it is better to invest that early payoff and just make monthly payments. After 30 years, we exceeded 7 figures in our assets by constantly updating the spreadsheet and then changing around assets to the best investments for the time. As a Govt employee, you can enter the millionaire club but you need to start saving early, ready to shift finances around and use spreadsheet to see how you are doing. If you do not feel confident, hire financial advisor on a fiduciary fee and one that does not work off commission by the investment companies.
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